Concept car garage angle

Working on different angles for my concept and I’ve been trying to lock down the dark garage look. Thoughts? The two car photo is the reference, not my render.


The texture tiling is painfully obvious, try using a tillable texture—poliigon has some free ones that may with, or a procedural shader for the wall.

The rotation of the wall tiles on the right really stand out for me - the shadows are falling in the wrong direction. The bright edge around the floor also seems at odds with the dark (seemingly shadowed) walls.

Could you have the car closer to the camera? Also the middle of the car looks like its in too much shadow. Love to get the view of the door open, its really cool looking. Your car ref. light is dim over the car except where it highlights, but in no place does it look dark like that. Often car ads don’t have walls, so if you wanted to you could get rid of it. Maybe in this picture you could have less lights in the car? The dash is a little distracting to me here.