Concept Car (My Own Concept of a Super Car)

Finally finished this project:

Had an idea for a specific scene, but as I’m still learning how to accomplish that it might make an appearance some time later, or on another project.

And two more:

Modz plz remove ths, ths iz not a sooper car bcz tha enjine iz at da frnt!! :spin:

nice but i’m not sure about the bumper lights. it kind of makes it look like the bonnet has been dented

Pfft. LOL

Yeh, and I couldn’t stop that, but decided to live with it.

This is no super car.

Looks awesome. I like the white and black one better. The world needs no color! :evilgrin:

A matter of opinion; hence me titling it ‘My Own Concept…’ but perhaps you started typing before you thought about what to say? /shrug

Thanks McThingy. :smiley:

You’re welcome. And you’re right. It is you’re own version of a concept car. My version would have had an ice cream stand and twin turbo jet engines!
and I do really like it, it’s way different from all the others which makes it awesome. :slight_smile:

So then you say the SLS AMG is no supercar? Nor the Viper? ironically

what are you blibbling on about? i mentioned that the fog lights on the bumper affect the appearance of the car. you should be more careful who you quote

Remind me to kill myself after such an epic quote fail.

Actually GrandeP was making a little joke, related to a discussion we’d had in my Concept Car WIP thread.

@McThingy - I can certainly relate to an Ice-cream holder/chiller /nod :smiley: