concept car rayo

hello guys. blender newbie here.
i started blender because i wanted to see my sketches come to life. and so after almost 1 yr i have learned enough to create it. so here i present you my first complete car model Rayo (Spanish for lightning).
i would like to improve my renders so want some honest critiques on my work.


here are the wireframes

Overall, it looks great! Needs more gloss in the paint shader, and your wireframes are a little rough in places

Like that, with the jagged bits. Other than that though, the design looks nice. I could see myself driving that machine. Haha!

thanks for the reply Dave. yup the wire frames were a little jagged. but i am still learning so hopefully they will be a little smoother the next time. and as for the paint, i wanted a little matte look on the paint. and again thanks for the reply.