Concept Car: Sphinx


I was making the New Bettle but deceided to go my own way. That’s a concept car I am working on, it’s called Sphinx. What you think about it?


looks really good antiggo!! :o

Looks really cool :smiley: I’d buy one :smiley:

It definitely looks better than the new beetle :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo! I’m a fan. Great image, and great wire renders.



Nice start, keep it up

Why does a car that small need to have 4 exhaustpipes?
And I think the ‘nose’ of the car is too broad.
But great modelling and nice renders nonetheless :wink:

So, when are you starting work with Chrysler?

Looks like a cross between the new VW beetle and an Audi TT. Great work, the lighting on your renders is very nice.

Impressive. A definite cross between an Audi A4 and a Beetle.


I’d by it for a car. It is sports car meets luxuious compact car! Great. Love It!

Nice design

I like the overall shape. Love the fat nose and grill. The sharp corners on the wheel wells could use rounding.

I’m not so crazy about the shape of the door, or the edge under it (the ground effect package is too curvy for my taste.)

I agree it looks better that the new beatle. Keep going.

I wonder how the door opens.

Copyright your idea… lol Or they will be making millions of you… 8)