Concept Car- still no name

This is a continuation of an earlier post, the model is based on my own concept

see the drawing here ->

some of these materials are still not final and i know the lighting isnt great at the moment - but the modeling is pretty much done i think- still need to do windscreen wipers- and then i can try to make a showroom for it :expressionless:
if it doesnt show try

I still havent though of a name but i think ill go with an italian word for some sort of animal (coz italian is just so damn cool)

any comments and suggestions would be welcome- just dont expect me to change an awfull lot.

if you want to see the progress up to now you can see the pics at

this somehow looks very odd. cars have streamlined fronts for a reason. with that flat (and nearly 90° to airflow) front side that guy gonna drink gazoline like somebody finding an oasis in a desert after 3 days.

the idea itself is okay, but somehow too edgy for my taste, yet i’m no car freak or something like that :slight_smile:

I’m not a big car fan myself either but I do like to check out concept cars. Usually because they are the only designs pushing the envelope of what you can and can not due with cars. Your design to me feels uninspired. It looks like 90% of all the other cars out there today. a rectangle with a bump with some windows in it. I don’t mean to sound rude or incensitive, but if your going to go for the “concept” car feel, go extreme!!!

Also, even if you do not go extreme, try to get the little details that make high end cars, such as yours resembles, like the chrome detailing, suttle bevels and creases, etc. You can even still have a boxy look while having thoughs, just check out the latest bentlys.

Keep it up!! :slight_smile:

that guy gonna drink gazoline like somebody finding an oasis in a desert after 3 days.

lol yea well i thought the intakes and the big grille would help airflow - but i dont really know too much about how all that works lol

Khnum: Yea I wasnt really going for anything extreme- I just did a drawing one day and thought it would be cool to make it in 3D - I was going to try and make it as detailed as my limited imagination could go, but somehow my modeling doesnt seem to be very good and ive run into alot of issues along the way…

I will take your suggestion and check out some bentleys or something for some more inspiration.

Also I just might go to the length of fitting it out with some seats and interior ect as was my original idea, but it jsut seemed too hard at a point.

If I have any luck with that I can create views of the car all opened up which would be nice I as it would let me show off the pnly touch that would be slightly extreme - the doors. I was thinking of having them open similar to a Koenigsegg:

it’s a physical problem, more specific an aerodynamical one. there are nice pictures around showing airflow profiles around cars or similar vehicles. google is your friend. most concept cares are made not only to look good but also to use less gazoline or whatever they run on, hence they are mostly designed in an extreme airflow way giving them the typical organic shapes they have most of the times.

well ive tried pulling the front out a bit using the magnet/proportional edit and it still looks alright to me so I might make it less flat.

but not all cars have organic shapes right? I mean look at the dodge trucks :o thats about as unaerodynamic as they get - and im sure mine is less so, even if it only is coz its smaller lol

don’t know what you mean with dodge ‘trucks’ right now… i know the viper only :wink:

I know Im not working all too enthusiastically on this, I have a hard time actually ‘starting’ but once I have I spend quite a bit of time on it until distracted again…

anyway- Ive now made most of the interior, just need to do the door panels and then some more detailing (eg wheel, gearstick … )

a view with no doors -
if it doesnt show try this

Materials od the interior are deffinately not final, Just something to give me an idea of how it might look

and views of the car -

Ive come up with a couple of small variations for the seats - please advise me as to which one looks best or what I could do to improve them -
if it doesnt show try

any comments welcome,
if you want to see earlier stages feel free to look through my scraps at