Concept Car

Made this because I was bored and wanted to create my own design. Only started to day and planning on doing a bit more work on it. I pretty happy with the materials and textures although the floor could use a bit of work.

Hopefully I’ll get closer to finishing this one than my last. If someone wants me to then I’ll post the wireframe but I really gotta get on and do as much as possible.

If I can be bothered I may use this in an animation although i’m a noob at all that ipo stuff


Btw the floor textures not the final one. Atm floor looks very errm… Crude. I’m not planning on doing much more with the rims of the wheels. I had about 4 goes and this seemed to be the best one :slight_smile:

Why is the door more shiny than the car?.. It makes me think about a car like aston martini, ferrari, or porsche (boxter). The front bumper is too much out (if you didn’m mean it to be like that). Nice car.

Ye I fixed the door - It was a problem with the materials, stuck the mirror up too high. Also if you haven’t noticed the door isn’t attached either. The front bumper was intended to be like that.

I think the car’s a sorta mix between, porsche, ferrari and a sticky up back. Don’t have a clue where the back lights came from tho.

looks to me liek a corvette if it wasnt such a steep slope from the roof to the back…personally i dont see a resembalence to an austin martin

I was thinking corvette too but it’s only the boot which makes it look like that.

Can anyone tell me how I can connect the door and make it look creased and good