Concept Car

This is the car from my WIP thread
put in front of my house.

It was just a fast test on how it would look in a real environment and is far from perfect, but I think it is still enough to post here and I have already worked longer on this set than actually planned.

The railing in front is cut in with the gimp and is the only thing done in post.

Rendered with Yaf(a)ray

Rather good concept. Good modeling. And well composed
Some crits:
The glas of the headlights should be more reflective and there should be something inside the headlight space, now it’s like an empty glovebox so to speak.
Your rims are too big I think, you haven’t left anny space for the air of the pneumatic tire. So you’d have one hell of a hard ride.
The engine in the back needs more work.

Hi Rinne

We all know; you can’t discuss taste but nevertheless I’d like to give some comments. :wink:
I don’t really like the concept/design. It seems like the proportions aren’t right. From my pov the end of the car is too long, the wind-shield/roof has a strange (and impossible?) form and the A-style is standing right in front of the drivers visual field.

I would try to use some more flowing lines so the car looks like one big model in stead of some joined objects (p.e. the door doesn’t really fit in the car).

These are just suggestions, don’t take them too serious :wink:
I just think you can make this model a lot better.

Hope you understand what I’m trying to say, despite my poor English.


snelleeddy: thanks first of all.
to the crits:
The glass of the headlights does already have it’s maximum
reflection, but I will see if I can play a little more with the values.
The inside of the headlights is modeled, but I have to admit that
it is very badly made and not even worth a render, yet.
The tires are very flat due to the very big foils, but I have seen
similar ones in real life, not that thin, though. On the other hand
I didn’t take it that serious with realism with the whole car, so I
won’t bother about that, really (not to say that I will take a look at
that in future projects, though) Anyways there’s another render of the wheel
at the end of this post from a different angle and without shadows
covering it, I think it looks slightly bigger there.
The engine will receive a complete overhaul, I was never happy with it ^^

First of all, thanks of course :slight_smile:
The thing with the taste has been mentioned in the wip, before (and more than one time), and the opinions were very mixed. I was considering a complete redesign of the chassis, but I found the looks of it to be very angle dependant, and I think there is at least some potential left in that model.
The end of the car is too long, indeed, but that is a design issue and wanted, and as said before I didn’t take it that seriously with realism :wink:
The wind shield and doors have been a problem from the beginning and still need some work, I agree on that. The A-pillar looks to be in the driver’s view, but I have worked long on it’s position and it features a very good view, not less than in todays cars.

Nothing wrong with your english, you helped a lot :slight_smile:

At last I’m happy the overall model is still WiP and so far I got less critique than expected, as this is the first car I modeled to an advanced state.

Here is the tire: