concept car

hi there
im trying to improve my renders, and would use some help…
right now im liking the paint and the lightning, but still need to improve the wheels and headlights material, and the shadows (maybe a bit stronger shadow). Im actually testing with nodes, but i cant get that thing to work properly… Anyone got a link to a nice car paint material made with nodes (the one i saw was applied to a new beetle - cant remember who made it), so i can see how its done?

thanks in advance, and please forgive my english :o


Here it is.

oops… forgot to say that this one is rendered in blender internal…

it looks cool, but still a lttle cartoonish and boxy

Yeah, the rear fenders above the wheels look a little big and… drawn out?

Just slope it down near the end and shorten it a little.

Did you use some reference pics? And, if so, can we see them?