Concept Car

In order to gain some basic modelling skills, I decided to try to make a fun little concept car.

It’s not the prettiest start, but I’m hopeful to learn something by the end.


Back to tinkering a little with this…
Trying to find some sort of look for the front.

I mean for the start not bad. Just one thing to add: detail :slight_smile:

I agree Xerubian. I can’t wait to start modelling over my bock-out model. Right now there are a lot of basic problems with the design that I’ll need to fix before I can start doing a mesh proper.

I’m learning that even a minimalist design is pretty dang challenging :slight_smile:

Hey PolygonPusher, nice nick name :wink: And good that you do concept sketches first. That’s my weak area.

Do you follow any tutorial with this? Otherwise I would recommend that. It doesn’t take long to learn the modelling basics with a good tutorial. Of course after that one needs practice, practice , practice … :wink:

Edit: And cars are a very difficult topic, for sure.

Indeed. It is pretty interesting that everyone starts with cars. I did too. And indeed it is very hard if you’re not familiar with the techniques (the word looks weired - never mind). My current project is a car as well - but an own design. That’s even harder because what you have in mind is somehow looking the way I want. So I like your approach in doing some steps, do some schemes and than move ahead. For me it just takes hour :no:


I’d suggest modelling a real car or two first, or at least watch a tutorial or time-lapse. This will help you get familiar with cat modelling technique and then you can start making concept cars which are a harder to make since you don’t have something real to base it off of imo. This is just a suggestion though, If you are happy with how this is going, keep it up! I am interested to see the final project.

Out of interest,what techniques do people use to model a car.

I’ve tried modeling a lamborghini gallardo but i’m stuck near the wheel and front sides.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

The funny thing is I started a 270z project earlier, and thought … maybe I should try making a concept so that I don’t have to worry about getting all of the details photo realistic. I found trying to match all of my reference pictures a little vexing.

I think I’ll keep at this for awhile yet however - if nothing else I will get more sketching practice in.

Happy blending!

Some start by using the cube, others by planes, some use subsurf others don’t right from the start and so on. I’m the plane type of guy working out the shape first and then go into detail. One the major mistakes in the beginning is working on a single object. Split the elements into seperate ones that is much easier. Besides that noone will recognize

Regarding the wheel I recommend watching some tutorials on that. There are some really good ones out there showing different ways to approach it. There is no “best way” of doing it.


After a time away, It’s become apparent to me that jumping into a half-baked design really doesn’t work well :slight_smile:

As such I’ll be doing quite a bit of sketching to figure things out.

Here’s the first of many attempts.

Thank you everyone for all of the advice and encouragement.

If nothing else this endeavor has given me a reason to start practicing concept sketching.

As it stands however, I don’t think I will be doing much more with this project for a good while - so thank you again.

Moderators - let’s get some storage back for you. Could you please close this thread out and remove it.

Thank you very much.

Happy Blending everyone!
and Happy Thanksgiving!

Now it looks kind of like the Batmobile :slight_smile: The classic one! Nice

Thanks Gundam!

I might still chip away at it from time to time. It is pretty fun :slight_smile:

Speaking of that - I’ve changed my mind on deleting the thread.
If it’s not too much trouble I’d like to leave it alone so I have a place to post any progress - no matter how far in between it may be.

Thanks moderators and Gundam.

Happy blending!