Concept cars

Something inside me wants to break the barrier and start modelling. But I feel like such an elephant in a glasshop.

I want to play with some low poly car concepts that I used love in an old game called Motorhead. Before (if ever) I get to that I need to figure out a lot of details. My experience is that an appeal of a car starts with wheel rims :slight_smile:

And here I am wating hours on what I though would be a trivial model. It turns out I spend a lot of time selecting vertices, edges, crating faces, removing duplicates, nuking faces, starting from scratch. I’m sure one day I will see somebody doing this in 15 minutes in a much more non-painful way.

I started doing all five “arms” at the same time, but figured this is not the way to waste time doing everything 5 times. So I nuked the 4 arms and concentrated on one. Once done, I spinduped and cleaned up the result. Where cleaned up took at least an hour. I tried doing this with dupliverts (+rot) on a 5 vertex “circle” but couldn’t align it the way I wanted.

Aaanyway, I’m trying to figure how to do the tire’s pattern. I have started with a 32 side circle mesh so I took one segment, will model that and spindup around the tire body. hopefully it’ll meld in fine. tires turned out to be even more of a tweak. Still nowhere to being happy with it …

I revisited an older unfinished tutorial model of a porsche to test it on. Of course I want to jump straight into renders, but I need to close it up a bit. That’s where I hit a major issue I’m having. I cannot figure out how to nicely “cut” the doors and the boot. Simply extruding by a bit, once more and separating didn’t work for me. So I ended up making sure the door is a nice loop and densing the mesh with loop cut. But it’s still not very clean.

Maybe somebody can do a small screencap for me? :wink:

Looks like I’ll be stuck with this porsche until I finish it. Hopefully I’ll get to the concept cars one day… :wink:

looks great…I am really impressed with your tires!

Thanks 3dak. I wish the threads melded into the body of the tire a bit better. And perhaps it’s too blocky as well. Good enough for now.

First Yafray render:

The pattern needs some tweaking…

didnt sports cars like those have lil roll bars behind the head incase it rolled over?

I guess this is so old that they didn’t care much about safety :slight_smile:

But more important missing bit are the breaks I guess :slight_smile:

Well I guess if we have a 21st century wheel rims, we can add a bit of safety:

Adding disc brakes. Not spending too much time on this…

Nice, clean modelling so far, only some crits on your concept:

The overall car looks a little boring, there are no eye catchers, too much plain faces. If you compare this with the reference picture, you’ve shown, there are plain faces too, but with some eye catching shape. For example, you have an even height line on the side, from the front light to the back light. The references height line is broken over the front and rear wheel, what makes it more interesting. Between them, it is slightly falling. This may also fix the problem with the rear wheel house, being smaller than the front one (what looks some way curious to me). you should as well extrude their border a bit, so it is not that even. The rear trunk cover of your reference has a little raise, where the sign is applied, what breaks the overall plain face. As well, neither the hood, nor the trunk are flat, both are rounded (more or less slightly), what makes it more interesting and results into a little sharper edge to the sides height line.

Something on realism: I don’t think, the front wheels would be able to turn that wide, you should reduce their angle a little at least as wide, as one is not able to see the inner side of it any more from the front view.

And something on perspectives: I thought, you’ve modelled a whole car, what isn’t that bad at all, so why are you only showing its front? You may have skipped 1/3 of the work, to achive this :wink: .

Finally, I hope, this post isn’t too demotivating, it isn’t ment to at all. It is more of what you may do better and what I know, you may do!

Happy blendering and keep it up.

Not sure what you mean here. You have a certain maturity in your renders and modelling that dosen’t look like a newb. I don’t see how you will have any problem modelling your concept cars. Even the crit’s you have recieved assume you can do better:)

Thanks for the comments folks!

avlex: Most of your comments probably boil down to the fact that I shouldn’t waste hours with test renders and get back to modelling those details! Well absolutely, yet I’m seduced by pretty pictures that yafray pumps out. Can’t help it. If only I managed to keep the render times a bit low.

I do find I simplified the model too much, so yes I will be tweaking it further. I’d like to shift from the original a bit in the area of the fenders. Round that horizontal line a bit. Rounding overall seems to be a good tip. As for the perspective, I’m not quite sure if you missed all these renders dude :slight_smile: I’m only avoiding some angles as it would expose the missing bits of the interior :wink:

stevenhorton: don’t let my age or the join date fool you. I’m like my dad wrt learning english. Always a rookie. I’m spending hours on this thing. When I saw Andy pull of some speed modelling in fron of my very eyes (and that was way before his Orange extravaganza) it makes me feel very pathetic.

But don’t let me fool you. I am having lots of fun doing this.

I’ve bumped into numerous issues using yafray instead of the internal render.

  • Yafray cannot do PNG! Use TGAs for yout textures. And I would have thought TGA is an ancient obscure format :wink:
  • Yafray doesn’t seem to support conical (radial in blender’s terms) blends (gradients). No matter that I doublechecked the mapping, the radials always end up being horizontal stripes instead, although blender shows a nice preview. The rendered image has the gradient applied on the texture :confused:
  • You can render a “local view”. Nice for a quick check render. Faster than layer shuffle. Unfortunately it only works on the first render. Any additional render will crunch up all memory for me and get killed by the kernel. I always had to toggle to global view and back.Why not use internal renderer then? Well to make things look decent I’d probably not manage to resist AO and that makes things even slower than yafray…

So without further ado, here’s the detail of the brakes.

Just in case anyone wondered about the depth of field – it’s a GIMP plugin called Focus Blur. Very nifty.

Finally found a minute to get back to blending. Before fixing the model I thought the plain material for the lights is not working all too well, so I plan on working on the materials a bit. I think for the headlights I will need to model, but maybe textures will do as well.

I didn’t manage to raise much interest with this thread but I’d welcome any hints or modelling techniques, critique, etc. Thanks folks.

Update: here’s how the tail lights look like now:

nice modelling, i love concept cars :slight_smile:
cool rims

your awesome man
howd you get blender to be that color???

Looks really good for led driven backlights, but I think, this will not fit into your type of car. Try to work with stripes instead of points, maybe take a look on some older cars lights, since this would fit much better.