concept D-SLR

heres a few pics of a dslr camera iv been blendering, and wordered what you guys think about it / if you had any ideas onn how to go about textureing it ?

cheers :smiley:


Looks good so far, but to me it looks a little symmetrical. Maybe turn on proportional editing and give the body a few curves here and there. Also the lens needs places for your fingers to grab it, when a designer makes a lens he usually has a big ring in the middle for zoom and one on the end for focus and one at the base for aperture. If it’s fixed focal length (no zoom) skip the center ring. Also when you have a large hand palm protrusion it usually is flush with the base since this holds the batteries and the battery door extends into the grip.As far as materials a good bump map is definitely the way to go to give it the camera texture feel. The lens needs lots of knurling and some f number text etc.

hmm verry new to blender and dont understand the concepts of proportional editing or bump map could you elaborate or post a tute link :slight_smile:

At the bottom of the edit window is a selection puldown that enables and disables proprtional editing. Press the o key in edit mode and you’ll see it change. If you select and grab (G key) a vert or an edge or entire selection with proportional editing on you can spin the mouse wheel to change the scope of the verts around your selection that are affected. So if you were to select a right edge you can proportional move and entire side of the camera and it will move the entire. It’s the only way to model if you are tweaking organics etc. It works great with scale and rotate too. Try different fallofs, but for me the default is fine.

Wow, blender materials is a huge topic I couldn’t explain if I tried. I highly recommend this series:

watch the video tutorials on proportional editing and materials, this guy has taught me a lot.