Concept for a Knight I'm going to model in 3d... Hopefully (C&C Welcome ofcourse)

Woo, Finally finished this. Approx 8-9 hours to complete (I know that sounds like a reaaally long time for what it is. I only started drawing a month ago, before I couldn’t do stick people so I’m really trying to do my best and always push what I can draw to the limit). It was done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 with a Wacom Intuos3 Tablet. I know I know, I should use GIMP but untill it fixes its bugs with wacom tablets, I’m not using it. (By bugs I mean rightclick on the pen doesn’t right click and causes a bunch of strange stuff like switching to the move or dropper tool, Or my Undo-Keystroke popping up the rightclick menu). This character will be my official testing 3D-Model for my Irrlicht game that I’m working on. If anyone here does programming to and wants to make a 3D game, Irrlicht is your choice. Amazing engine and easy to learn. Anyway, without straying from the topic, Here it is:

I noticed his jawline looks a little odd, but aside from that any comments and or critique is very very welcome :D.

when I have time I should post a full body image of that first picture you saw, with corrections applyed, I think you will like it :smiley:

and it´s nice to know you make games too, ít was because this subject that I entered the 3D world and programation in C++(very tricky one too), I´m looking forwand for your game if it isn´t too big, what is it about?

My game will be a RPG and FPS mix, hope it will be nice to play…
It´s about an cospiracy at the goverment which starts to hunt the player because he saw something he shouldn´t, it will be a game which changes acording to the player behavior and will have many endings too, of course it will be small, but in future I will improve it´s size

Well, I’m trying to start small with my game. It’s a medieval online deathmatch/arena style game. It doesn’t have much story element to it, I’m working on that front to try and have some AI monsters to fight with. I’m hoping to have a peristent online world, where players make their own servers to take over certain parts of the world. For example, If a player wants to start combat on Fort Northpoint, He’ll start the server for it. I’m thinking it’ll likely be around 8-12 per server to make the teams abit more, concentrated. I’ve already got some semi stable net-code for it, and a semi-solid combat system. I still have litterally been testing everything in a un-textured cube and with bone-animated stickpeople X.X; And I’ve been working on this for quite some time now. So far the idea is it’s all fast-travel based, and you can’t walk between servers per-say. I’m working on getting a gameserver which isn’t too expensive to host the database of what base owned (already have it programmed, for the most part. It’s write to a distant xml file). When picking a server, There’s a lobby which is just a IRC channel to save me having to get a server. Really the idea is a UT-Style deathmatch game with melee in medieval times where I don’t need to host any servers save for one xml file. Class, equipment and faction are chosen on character creation, and it is stored on their machine. The rogue faction is pretty cool, as you can take over bases for your self and have your own faction, aslong as people make their characters under the same “Faction Code”. All character files are checked when joining a server. For now, I’m not even looking at hosting it’s just making it and playing it on lan with stickpeople xD. I haven’t even tried it outside my lan yet.