Concept gun - black one


I have to finish this one. I made it for a short contest and try to rework the whole before going away for two weeks. Here are the last renders. I plan to make some others with white background, as advised in the WIP thread. I choose the black one to begin because I think after different tries that it better fits the “actual” look of the gun.

Hope you like it. A lot of things can be improved, but…

“Pure” version :

with some ads :

two close-ups :

Thanks !

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! It’s great, it’s really REALLY great. I love the subtle details; like the crossed out ticks for how many kills. Everything is going beautifully together. Top notch. I hope it hits the forum gallery and top row because that’s where this belongs :slight_smile:

I know I’m usually picky and I always things like “yeah, your work is good but…” … and even though you yourself say that there are things that can be improved… Well… I first had a glance, and thought “looks pretty good”, which is the common process. Oh, I should mention that I clicked this thread mainly because I saw your name on it… Then I proceeded to further inspect the images. I zoomed in… and when normally I start to flinch seeing some things not so apparent at first sight, in your render I was simply mind blown by the amount of detail… The amount of work… For some reason, every time I see a render, or painting, photo, sketch, etc… I instantly classify it in to “normal”, which would b something I consider myself able to do, and “professional looking”… So, although it isn’t perfect and I think I see those little details that you say can be improved, this would still belong to the latter category, imo.

Wish ya a nice 2 weeks of vacation (guessing its vacation?)!


@coolfield7: thanks a lot for nice words. Glad you like it. I am not sure everybody like the subject :slight_smile:
@impreza09: thanks, very appreciated. If I reach to pass the detailed inspection, that is a real good point, thanks. You’re nice to not underline the bad points :wink: Thanks too, it is for vacations.

Cool gun; structure is feasible, and textures are crisp. Only thing I noticed is that the tallies are way too small for chalk, and that usually a complete tally set has 5 lines, yours has 6.


@Roberts Banks : thanks a lot. I didn’t notice the tallies numbers… I have maybe inverted them. You are right.

looks really good !!

@blue box : thanks, appreciated !

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Beautiful work all the way around! :slight_smile:

The design and details are quite good. Out of curiosity, what font did you use for the text in the images?


thanks Vicky, very appreciated, glad you like it.

Thanks too for nice word. The font is called D3 Euronism and is a quite good 100% free font found on