Concept house

Software: Blender + Photoshop
Render: Cycles, 55min render, 200 samples

i think your perspective is bad? the horizon is higher than the point of convergence perspective.
generaly nice :slight_smile:

your perspective is actually fine

Curiosity wants a higher elevation render, so we can see what else you did in the image. :wink: Great work.

I like the current perspective, but I still want more…I know…I’m impossible to please. :wink: LOL

like it all… especially the grass! how did you make it? do you have a tutorial?

Thanks all for the comments! :slight_smile:

Yeah, the perspective seems a bit weird in the right of the image… I saw it so many times I didn´t realize it.

@tc2466: Thanks! Actually just the house and the grass are 3D… no much more to show. Maybe I get inspired and make another images, but I confess I am a bit tired of this project.

@m_squared: The grass is Hair particle system. I just followed the parameters in Blender Wiki to achieve this result. I also made a weight paint to have a small variation in the size of the leafs.

great work :slight_smile: