Concept Idea.. PVP

Greetings All

Thanks for all the help so far explaining how to do bits in blender game

I’m 100% Noob when it comes to the game Engine but feel i must dive in and see what i can do…

So here is my Idea … I’m going to make a PVP type game that can be put on laptops, iPads what ever i can get it on…

Would you all be so kind to share links Below to help with map building to characters

I would love to implement some of your idea’s powers of the PVP Toon’s,

what i hope to do is make it a two player or player v computer, and options of character selection screen, any tips on this area would be very grateful,

Thanks again to you all for help before and help you can share again

Since you are 100% noob, I suggest you start with some tutorials. The more you try and experiment, the more you will learn. Work on something you are trying to make from the basic functions and mechanics through to the finished game. Start with a character movement script for your game. You will learn a lot from it, and learn from any mistakes you make along the way.

For map building and character design, I suggest They have a lot of tutorials and theory.

Creating player vs player is much easier than player vs AI, as you don’t have to essentially code another human, however if you intend the PvP to be over a network, it becomes a lot more difficult, so doing a splitscreen game might be a good idea for a first game.

Pro tip #1: Multiplayer is hard
Pro tip #2: Blender cannot be run on apple products due to apple store’s licence restriction

I’d recommend doing is making simpler games. Only if you’re supremely dedicated (like torakunsama) can you think about making a MMO as a first game project ever, and he’s been working on it since 2004 (I think). Even a simpler multiplayer game is really hard. I don’t think any have yet reached the finished game forums.

But then, I didn’t really do that, I started some ambitious projects, and that is how I learned.

So here are some ideas for PVP games:

  • Players are in submarines with torpedoes
  • Players are given as network of nodes and have to try and pick the best route between them (travelling salesman problem)
  • Players are in cars, and use long poles attached to them to joust

Awesome Tips thank you

I know i’m setting the bar high but everything i have read re game environments is a nice change from 3d photo realistic for work…

Well i didn’t know that the file wouldn’t work on iPad’s but it will work on other formats so no worries there, I know Multiplayer is hard but want a task to challenge me… the hardest part of pvp is against the computer that is a lot of hard work to simulate how a human would counter in a PVP fight. but if you work it like a boss endgame that AI becomes a endgame boss. with randomised sub-Routine it would be basic to start but in time will make the AI more of a challenge…

Don’t mean to seam rude, but have seen loads of maze and space invaders games, couple platform games all brill work. they have inspired me to try just as hard as they did to give there best …

What do you mean with “PVP type game”. As far as I know PVP stands for player vs. player.

Too big project for a beginner (not “challenging”, just pointlessly impossible) and BGE is not really the right platform for targeting mobile market.

People who try to learn by creating their dream game will fail, you need to start small and improve yourself before growing your project size. Multiplatform/multiplayer can be considered the end boss(es) of game development.

If that big PVP game is what you have in mind then I say go for it. Especially if you’re learning. It will keep you motivated.
Bear in mind that you may not be able to actually finish it but that’s absolutely irrelevant because you’re learning, and you will learn a lot.

so can i build a mutiplayer PvP or PvE type of games using BGE…total 8 players …4 players in each team ?

Yes. You will have to read something about network applications, make a few standalone experiments then integrate the results in your game project. It’s not rocket science but it may take some time. It’s a fun branch of computing though.