Concept of the new Mig!

Hey so if you remember my old wip thread those are the finall renders maybeif i will get more time i will go back to this project.



very good renders!

glad you like it :>


It’s grate work in rendering , your image is small can you but another pic? i can’t use that like because in my country that is filtered!!! :frowning:

Thanks for share

Best Regards

Thank you so much however:

I don’t understand what you have on mind with this image is small can you but another pic…

OH sorry when i wrote this sentences i was sleeping :smiley: :slight_smile:

My meaning is :

Your image is small can you put another pic for viewing in this from ? i can’t use that link (LINK TO FULL PROJECT) because in my country that is filtered!!!
for this reason i can’t see your link ?:frowning:

Do you know?


Awesome , I like your concept !!!

This is really a beautiful work Kranom :slight_smile: Do you have a large render of that?

this is the biggest resolution with i have.

Thanks and btw you´ve got 5 * from me :slight_smile: Be well :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

wow! how cool is that!!

woah thank you!! but i think that for 5 stars it is not there is still a lot of work to do in model and texturing etc…

Chaintanyak thx!

A nice clean render. Well defined. Excellent composition.

thank you.

I got five stars so excited!

Same opinion as Michalis, just i don’t like the nose, but that’s personal taste :wink:

Nice final render! This guy knows how to set up lights.

Yeah! That was good year! I have made in to TOP 20 by blender guru 2013 edition
Link to the project


Impressive. I bet you’re blender guru.