Concept Racer

These images are part of a much larger project I’ve been working on for a while.

Additional credits:

Thomas Scott – Creative Director
Joseph Akers – Pensa logo design
Crady von Pawlak – Badge and retail paint design
Margaret Ward – Female Model (featured in 2nd image)
Jennifer Mantura – Hair and Makeup Artist

The Los Angeles Grand Prix (LAGP) poster is based on one of Andy Rohr’s Mars United poster designs.

Wow, absolutely stunning, especially the desaturated looking ones,

Awesome work! Is it a external render or Cycles?

Very good one! :slight_smile: Congratulations. I’m looking forward to see more of your projects! Good luck

Is that girl rendered?

Bravo! Love it all! :smiley:

really impressive, I love it

haha i was gonna ask the same thing, the racer looks awesome. Like a jet fighter

That shit is astonishing!

Wow. Impressive work, renders are just amazing. Don’t understand why this thread is not with five stars. You got mine. Congrats, again. Can you show some process and/or wires ?

No no no no no this looks WAY toooo real to have been made in Blender!!! Great job!

The head and hands were Photoshopped on. Her head is way to big for her body, her hips and legs have poor proportions. Her height is incorrect. If you take a very close look, you will notice the skin between the body and neck didn’t blend well hence skin tone is off.
But!!! I could be wrong!

Since this is all about the car, I would say you done a fine job.

A w s o m e ! ! !

Nice car and good project.

gallery, now!

Fantastic !!!

I think the girl is rather real, the hair makes it looks like proportions are off. Its that 60-70 model hair with the big knot… its all in style with the early days of racing.

These are stunnings shots and renders! the closeups are off a different style as it looks. The details you put into this is really sick!!! :slight_smile:

Amazing! looks awesome but I believe we are dealing with a real girl here. 8.

Not only is this gallery worthy, more like raising the bar, this should be on the main page of the new page. People need to see this! Watch out world Blender is here!!!

So glad you posted this Richard!

super cool and 5 stars from me