Concept Road Car[Un-named]

so ive found myself with a concept… ive drawn up a side blueprint in blender to act as a guide… theres a first eh…

ive started towards the back end… as thats the more planned out… the front will just fit in when i get to it…

this is just one nights work so far, so its got a long way to go… but i thought of showing it here… im not too sure bout the bit under the light housings…
what do you guys think…?


I think this may turn out to be a cool car. The wheels are very close though.

I love the curves/shapes at the back of the render, however on the side blueprint I think the bonnet should be more rounded and a bit less pointy

yep… your not the first person to point that out to me… im gonna run with the front… and see where i get… the print is just a guide… mainly for the wheel proportions… thats what it started as, and got a bit our of hand in a matter of minutes…:slight_smile:

EDIT: bit of an update regarding the back end… put some creases into the back lip… and made the rear window space more dominant over that area… under the lights is still questionable by the way… doesnt quite fit the rest… trying to work out whats missing…:slight_smile:

oh, and the rear window is more for show than anything else… the mirrors on the car, are going to be cameras… so no full vis rear window required…


hey there guys… been refining the back… and working forwards with the main features first…:slight_smile:

thanks for comments so far… greatly appreciated…:slight_smile:


done a bit more


modified the back end a bit more…

next step i think is either the rear lamps, or the wheels… then i will progress to the front…


It’s looking good! need to be very glossy and black?
(when you have finished modeling)

done a bit of studio…:slight_smile:


Looking really nice, keep it up.

just what I was going to say!

My opinion is that the tyres should be v. chunky and that is your doing studio stuff, the camera angle from this pic is slightly better, as it shows those nice curves at the back /uploads/default/original/3X/0/3/0347ba77370751921fb05f97c02661c1fd997720.pngstc=1&thumb=1&d=1249856854

Sick looking car! Great work!

Hi Unrealbeing!!
Great to see your new project
I quite like the curves you got going there.
Are you going for a hatch?
Looks like a banglish mondeo too me.(which is a good thing)

I would love to see this completed. Also have a few things/ideas that i’ll point out when i have time.
Good Luck!!

ok… seeing as this topic is more responsive than my f1… i might aswell update it here aswell, been working on the back a bit more, tweaking… added a new set of curves on the side, and worked to the front…

thanks in advance for any and all comments…

oh and GOBT, i would love to hear some ideas if you want… and have time…


did some really quick clays of some progress on the front and back parts… any ideas are welcomed, and comments and constructive critisism is highly valued… thanks alot guys…


This might be a good time to try some cool things on the hood while keeping your mesh clean:D!

Yes, youve got lots of creases all over your mesh, a clean hood just doesn’t look right.

tomrebel2, I wouldn’t call that CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, maybe point out where some creases are that you don’t like…

no,its ok… i see what he means… ive just noticed that the hood is showing up clean on that last render… there is actually a crease that follows down the bumper aswell… which is where the shape comes from… ill get a render at some point which shows off those creases…

heres a better one… with the tyres ive done for this project…