Concept sissy

What do you think?

I know there are some mistakes but this is my really old 3d model. So be gentle. :wink:

Nasty thing, isn’t it? :wink:

its not blender …its max

You’re wrong… It’s Blender.

its in yafaray?

Yeah, man! Its yafaray… And why did this 8600gt thinks it is 3ds max? Perhaps he’s noob with 800 posts. :slight_smile:

Ok, but otherwise, whatchoa think of this car for sissys . :wink:

I think to put a clay render of a car with smoothing issues in places and below average lighting in the Finished Projects section is a mistake. However, as a WIP, it would be a very good start. The rear of the car needs work (mainly smoothing), and the lights look rushed. But the overall shape and look of the car is quite attractive. Put some more work into it and you should get a good result.

As to why GE-FORCE claimed it to be made in max, I would hazard a guess that the yafaray exporter looks similar to that of Max’s, and he simply confused the two.

it looks like a Aston-vette.

and yes, it belongs in WIP.