Concept Sportscar WIP

Hi everbody,

i’m currently working on a non-brand concept sportscar for my portfolio. By now, the outer parts are done:

The car is still im empty inside, therefore, the windows are black.

What do you think ? Comments and Critiques are welcome!


Good Job so far, I totally like the basic shape of the car. :slight_smile:
Looks a little bit like a fusion of the Ferrari FF and the rear lights of the Mercedes GLE.
What I am missing is some more defining sharp lines (like the ones comin from the trunk, but I think even those could be sharper).

Nice model I like it, great to see concepts here.

To me the wheels look off, they are very thin and don’t look like they would support the car, more detailed rims would look much better, for a concept you could go a little bigger as well would make the proportions look a little better.

Also the brake disks are not centered in the wheel. I would move the capilers as well it just seems like you have copied them in.

If you spent a little more time on the windows and trim it would also lift the model, all the parts I dislike doing myself…so I can’t really talk but keep at it, would like to see it worked on a little more.

Hi everbody,
after a longer break because of other projects i did some more work on my concept sports car. I did more detail to the wheels and the Headlights.

What do you think? Comments and Critiques are welcome!


i see an aston martin :wink: nice job!

Great concept, the back stands out the most for me!

Hi everbody,

after longer abscence i some time to come back to my concept car project.
i now started with the interior parts. I decided to give the car a rear engine,
therefore the trunk is in the front of the car.

Next step would be to design the cockpit and inner parts of the doors.

The images are just screenshots from viewport render, nothing special about the lighting.
I also decided to give the car a silver- grey paint instead of a red paint.

What do you think about the car by now? Comments a focused critiques are welcome!


Seems like a Ferrari/Aston Martin Vanquish hybrid to me. Looks nice ^^

hi everbody,
the modelling of the interior is now also done. I will maybe add some more details, but i found that most of it is usually invisble for common scenes and renders. Therefore i decided not to go too deep into details no one will notice anyway. I also tried two different color themes for the interior.

What Do you think about the model so far?