Concept truck. Now with trailer. 6/7/04

Long time no work posted, so I made this over the weekend.

Original 2D concept by digitalfog at Part of the collaborative car modeling projects.

Please click here to view renders.

Background is HDRI image used for raytraced reflections and AO light source, using the Ang-map system.


Thats fricken awesome! I want one :smiley:

So refeshing to see new work from you, my friend, and what great work it is! A compelling idea expertly realized. This has style and power and looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting, and keep 'em coming :wink:


Looks great! Are you hiring out to start on custom body work soon? :slight_smile: Cool that it has a low rider look as well.

Only thing I had to wonder about though was where the 5th wheel is sitting… if you hooked a trailer onto the back of that then your front end would be up in the air heheh Weight usually sits over the back 8 wheels.

Cool stuff, I bet the ZZ Top guys would order one :slight_smile:

hehe… nice oneee!

just realized… it looks lot like a vacuum cleaner :wink: hehe… but a fast n’ powerfull one :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey that’s cool :smiley: The render looks great, as does the model.

Firstly thanks my friends, I’m glad you like this so much. :smiley:

Secondly Click here to see new trailer.

Ataryu, thanks, I’ll put your order onto the system here, as these are handcrafted in Nepal, please don’t expect delivery until 2050.

Robertt, thanks. Been a while since I even turned my computer on, so it’s been nice to make something worthwhile.

Demonghast, the lowrider look is what originally inspired me when I saw the concept sketch. Re the 5th wheel, it is located over the rear most axle, with a distribution of forces through the whole chassis. You will have noticed the bonnet is very long, all that space is filled with engine. Anyway have a look at the new render with the trailer in place.

thoro, nice compliment mate, but I’d need to do a pink version methinks. :wink:

Chimera. Interesting view, I’ll have a go on whatever you’re smoking. I didn’t see the resemblance till you mentioned it. :smiley:

mr_bomb, thankyou, I hope you like the new version.

The cars on the back are also concept vehicles I ‘Blended’ that were designed by the same person as the truck rig. Check out the CGTalk thread here. Press ME.

Keep the comments coming,


I love it, but just why is it purple? :wink:

Hey! Purple cars are cool :smiley:

The concept sketch looked purple. Looks good though. :smiley:


Sonix, I love the trailer addition (and the cars look great too!)

Your command over Blender and your artistry are truly admirable.


Thankyou my friend, that’s the kind of compliment that makes it all worth while.

BTW Blender’s command over me is greater than my command over Blender. :wink:


looks gnarly man. [!] you could put together a bunch of prefab cars and run them off the road. :slight_smile:

I love this - the design is so slick for a truck.
The only thing I don’t like about the render with the trailer is that it looks a little noisy and the grilles at the front and sides don’t quite look right. They look fine in the other renders though.

Other than that minor issue though, I reckon it’s great.


If Batman were in the trucking business, his truck would look like this. :smiley:

Heh. Those are some ugly automobiles, but well modeled and rendered. Keep it up.