Concept User TraX v0.5 Updated 5/8/2011

Hey i have put up a simple system where :

There is a folder like “mp3” and the user just copy paste some mp3 music files and the game engine can play the music one by one.this setup use the audaspace as core.:yes:

it basically allows you to play mp3 music controllable via a script.
there are options for realtime volume control and options
for play, pause and resume via keyboard.
it works by assigning the reference to the audio object’s handle to GlobalDict
And using the GlobalDict to access/control the object. it is a
cool idea actually.
Also i have added some options to enable highpass and low pass filters.
and added an auto stop script.

Oh btw audaspace is threaded, so make sure that you stop the music
explicitly before quitting the game engine.
more info on the blend file.
This setup currently works on Linux & Windows
Thank You neXyon !:cool:

So check it out the Updated Version!


concept_user_trax_v0.5.blend (479 KB)

Uh, great!
Some times ago I was in the need for such a script!
Will the folder “update” automatically?
And,please, try to make it OS independent.

Good concept - this is one of those features that is great to have available in the BGE.

i think it “update” only after restarting the Game Engine
Yeah i think i ported it to linux.

Only now it is possible with audaspace. it has more potential than i thought originally.

Update: Skipped to version 0.4:D

Added to

Great, Thanks.

Updated to v0.5
Filters added.

Hey it’s my 600 th post:D

I made a remake of this just know :slight_smile: using only 1 file