Concept Vehicles

Been a while… Had to take a break to improve my skills before embarking on any major projects. My old stuff looked like he…ck. But after some time I’ve finally got it to where I’m just about satisfied.

This is my latest.

The name of the car is “Thrust” BTW.

It’s a Charmeroangerstang, but seriously, it looks good, although it looks like its lacking tail lights and imho the rear window should come back closer to the rear of the car. It kinda reminds me of the no name sport cars from the burn out games.

This is Good Stuff! Very Realistic. The soda machine could use a little work though! LoL!

Thanx Fellas appreciate it much. A little more on the room…

Looks really good, I like your style :slight_smile: The only thing is the hood scoop looks out of place, its very angular compared to the rest of your car, but I suppose its a matter of personal taste :slight_smile:

I saw someone a while back asking for sources of “generic” cars for use in commercial renders. Apparently using a real car can get you slapped with copyright infringement and good looking, believable car models that is not an actual car are few and far between. With your talent, and provided what I heard was true, it seems you could probably sell this model.

Thanx monsterdog appreciate the info.

Alright folks, here’s a car I made a few years back, it’s called the Spartan. It’s build on an older style of design. I modeled it in Blender, but this render was done in Vue, I intend to redo it in the next few days. After I’m finished with the room itself.

This one is called a “Pod”, more updates on it soon.

These are looking great. Interesting design on that last one.

Thank you crazychristina, appreciate it much.

All right Folks, this is a slightly larger vehicle I’d been working on for some time. More on this later as well.

A little more on the interior folks.

Very cool concepts!

Make a proposal to HotWheels man!
I will buy’em!!

We don’t see many car concepts here.
I think it’s a great job!


Almost finished with the interior, just a little more to go. Then I can focus on the tail lights.

(The red and blue cars made me feel like I was seeing a real version for a second)
Awesome Job!

Redoing the spartan, should be finished soon. And yes the wheels are for the other car, but they are just place holders. And yes, the renders are not fully complete but these are just quick renders to give everyone a general idea. :wink: BTW the Spartans are the red and black cars racing in the desert a few posts up.

You have to improve a lot your car paint shader.

Thank you Kramon, appreciate the comment. And yes my paint materials on the Spartan has come a long way.

Gotto redo the back a little…

Love this thread man… specially your creativity. I invent cars too, but more like real cars… although yours are awesome for a cartoon series or something. Very good renders.

@ Impreza09: You mean to say, that the vehicle I just posted looks cartoon-ish?.. And non-realistic?..