concept vertical takeoff fighter jet sci fi WIP

Title says it all really i have to create the tail end and do the paint job i dont like the look of the wings any cc welcome thanks guys

I think a fighter should have more of a delta wing, those wings don’t look like they would hold up in a tight turn.

also the wing in front of the engine would cause lots of turbulence making the engines far less efficient.

ok so i agree about the turbulence being caused by the placement of the engines so … I cheated and pulled the wing down to make room for better airflow im not sure this would not cause more problems however … lol im looking at restaring this project whilst im at such an early stage ill add some different designs see what you think

this is a different wing design would i be better pulling the whole wing down bellow the engines?

It would make more sense from an engineering standpoint

Add a third engine and place it on the back to assist in forward propulsion when the plane is in hover.

No, it can just tilt the engines forward for forward thrust