.+'´¯)---ConceptCar "Essence"---(¯`'+.

Hello there everyone!

Here’s a concept car I started as a blue-print, with proportions based on cars like the audi r8, lamborghini gallardo, porsche 911, etc.

It’s not 100% accurate, that’s why I’m modeling it (you’ll notice some changes)
Here’s a simple render (AO, no subsurf, different parts in different colors)

I’m happy with the wheels, here they are alone:

I have more views and wires of the car, but don’t want to clutter this so I’ll only add one:

c&c very welcome, although I can’t guarantee this to move fast.

Any progress on this? It looks wonderful!

Looks like a Nissan 350Z to me…
Anyways, keep it up :slight_smile:

thanks guys…actually, I haven’t been working on this, beacuse noone seemed interested in it, and blender wasn’t working right (I still have Win98, and the last stable version is 2.42). But I think I’ll pick up on it again, especially since school’s out next week :smiley:

Nice job, following your conecpt. Would like to see a render without the crazy colours though to see what it is really looking like. Nice job with the wheels, although something seams slightly wrong with the materials there, but im not sure if you have started texturing yet or not.
If i were you I would really upgrade the old '98 machine though, will make things much easier for you :slight_smile:

here…the first one is still with the newer blender…very ugly. We’re getting a new computer in a few months when we move to the states, that’s why it wouldn’t have made sence to get one here (220V). I know the last one is floating and not subsurfed enough…the lighting is only BI AO based on an angular map, btw.

wow like those wheels there mate :), which reminds me i need to make some wheels for my car…

If you’re using WIn98(ancient, no offense) why don’t you lend the file to us and see what WinXP, and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4, and Ubuntu 8.04, on higher performance CPU’s. No offense. But the real question is HOW THE HECK DID YOU RENDER WITH AO ON A WIN98?!@?@?@?@?!?!?!?!

@4e0rge…thanks! I redid them several times…

@blenderman345…patience, my friend…3 hours and 20 minutes…:smiley: