Concepting with sculpt! Great!!!

I discovered a simple but very effective thing!
Concepting with sculpt!!!
Look this spaceship that I sculpted on ~1 hour!
This model is a very big help for modeling!

Excellent :slight_smile:

You could now use retopo to clean up the geometry, and then resculpt to do funky details.

Cool ship, btw :slight_smile:

Hey, that is a cool idea. Never thought of it.

You are crazy… like a fox! Nice technique.

this was the base mesh that I modeled:

So you used that simple model and went into sculpt mode and went from there? did you use multires?

Well, he would have to subdivide it or something; otherwise he would only have those few vertices to use, as only real vertices can be scuplted.

H.R. Giger couldn’t be more prouder.

Wow, you’re good at finding new uses for the sculpt mode, good work.


very good job.


wow. the sculpt mode is something i never really looked into or played around with, i might have to look into this. and a very cool ship, though imo, it needs some cleaning up to get a smoother look, but thats just my personal taste.

hmmh… could you maybe set up an example .blend file with those ‘sculpting shaders’ and an example sculpt for us blenderheads? :smiley:

40 minutes of work, no modeling, I started from a cube with multires:

Nice :slight_smile:

endi, as FK asks, can you set up an example blend with one of those cool shaders on?

I’ve tried setting one up, but only managed to approximate your results, with massive slowdowns.

Yes it slows down the render, but I dont know why. Nowadays gfx hardwares can render comples shaders without significant slowdown… and this shader only a refl. mapped texture multiplied by vertex color, so I dont know why it slow down…
I can sculpt 80k of triangles with this shader on my Gef7600GS. But good for a fast render (saving viewport).

However, it’s not a complex opengl shader, afaik. Blender doesn’t support complex shaders, though I’m not sure if the newer glsl (?) will allow for reflections. That would be very cool.

I don’t think GLSL in the viewport ever formally made it into SVN. I guess someone could pick up the old code and do farther work on it.

Nice work on the head sculpt, not a Dragon, but a good sculpt. :slight_smile:

I play with pinch and flatten tool to make a non-organic test.

I’m fairly handy myself when it comes to sculpting in multires - problem is it creates thousands of faces - slowing everything down. Question is would you use a multiers model in animation? Say a full human? If not whats the point of multiresolution??

you can bake the multires mesh’s details into a displacement or a normal map, or even better - both, and use on a lower poly(for animating) model.