Conception into another world



I like it!

I am glad you liked it. The pilot is actually a renegade soldier who stole the vehicle from the army’s secret lab and going around the universe to find new life forms.

great render… when i see those renders, eevee becomes more and more interesting for me.

Yes, Eevee has some interesting qualities compared to the other ray based renderers. Having Eevee as an option in Blender is great, I think the true power comes from being able to combine Cycles and Eevee renders in some ways.

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good work… :grinning:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks, the collection looks great as usual.

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Very cool, whats the story behind all the faces on the rocks?

The idea was that a renegade space captain stole a secretive space ship to run away from Earth. He was travelling around galaxies to find human like lifeforms to start a new life among them. So he ended up in the planet that is in the picture.