Conceptual animation of sound with python question

Hi all,

I have a conceptual question that I hope someone can answer and/or point me in the right direction on. I have watched the tutorial from blender cookie about making an audio equalizer with blender and python.

My question is… is there a way to ‘live-bake’ or do some sort of audio dependent animation on the fly in blender? My overall goal is to animate objects to live incoming audio so ‘pre-baking’, even if it’s done with python won’t be fast enough to keep up with the real-time speed I have in mind. How else can one work with audio in blender? I’m a fairly experienced programmer so would I maybe have to do frequency analyzation in python and then make my own normalized animation functions based on those in blender?

Thank you all for the help.

If anyone is confused about what I’m asking I will be happy to clarify and/or go into more detail.


if you want realtime, at present, you are probably better off asking this in the game engine forum