Conceptual Art

Hi all,

Back after a while I went back into my VRay tests and I wanted to make something funnier, so here are some shotings from that new scene. Nothing new there and the idea has probably already been used but I had that in mind for a while.

The girl is based on Daz Victoria 3 and was posed in Daz3D (based on a reference image found on the net) and then imported into Blender where I did some additional modelings. The wears have been modelled in Blender thanks to the new shrinkwrap modifier.

Everything else was modelled into blender. For the chiwawa I used the sculpting function and a mix of various dog photos to create the texture.

Textures are home made, come from or from TotalTexture CDs.

All the renderings made with VRay after the exportation with the great Andeymi’s script.

Original images are in 3200x2400

Why Has The Girl Got A Package??!

It’s a cameltoe honey.

enricoceric: Damn. I could have sworn the girl was just a billboard texture. She looks pretty much photoreal. As for the image itself, there really isn’t much to crit. It’s as good as we’ve come to expect from you.

5 stars.

Cameltoe? More like cameltoes big sister: Mooseknuckle.

Fabulous renders Enrico, apart form the girl and dog looking like a completely real madam tussaud scupltureand the ceiling texture being a bit flat; 5 stars anyway.

Cameltoe? More like cameltoes big sister: Mooseknuckle.

hahaha! Brilliant comeback.

No dog in the art gallery…he piss on the sculptures :))

5 stars

Nice to see ya` back

Great stuff! - I like the last two renders the best.
Though it seems too dark for an art gallery.

Really great work. The skylight side of the room ads alot to the lighting/composition, it would be nice to see that and the fire extinguisher gag in the same render.
whats next? 5*

Great render, and a really funny joke!

Do you have her phone number ?

heh, you are so good, there is a lot of information in that really, I most of all in fact admire how you handled the lighting which I often have a hard time with.

The figure is “perfect” heh


bello il primo piano del cagnolino con il lavoretto vicino alla poltrona

Thanks guys for your comments,

@TheAnimal & M@dcow : Hehe, I didn’t knew about that expression :rolleyes:, not in use here in belgium, so I did a quick search on the net and discovered that funny collection of cameltoe :p, sorry but to avoid any insane publication I had to put a glove to hide that, but indeed she has some attributes …

@Numarul7 : Yes, but for that kind of bimbo everything is allowed.

@Bliz : Yep, a bit dark but I wanted to keep the attention on the girl and the dog, anyway I’m doing some other renderings trying to put some more light.

@ocularb0b : Yes, I finally decided to render a wide angle view with the extinguisher visible, it will be online soon.

@malefico : mmm, I’m afraid you can’t deal with the dog …

@ingoenius : Si e l’ha fatto proprio per dispetto :eyebrowlift2:

Hi and thanks again for your comments,

I updated the topic, I replaced the first image with a wide view including the extinguisher as suggested, I included some more light in the other images and an additional one.

Beautiful work, at first I thought it was a bilboard texture, might be interesting to try some fur on the dog though.

Can’t wait for more.

Okay, I’m curious now, How did you model the clothes? (is it all just one mesh? a cloth modifier? what?)
please do tell :slight_smile:
oh yeah, I like the overall “joke” :slight_smile: haha
4 stars :slight_smile:

grgrgrgr :smiley:
good tits ups! good work sorry!

Dog rulezz ))

Haha, I feel flattered for use of my old Blender artwork idea! :eyebrowlift: