Conceptual Vehicle - TRIKE

Needing to develop my portfolio more I assigned myself to convert a student of Feng Zhu’s work, which can be found at I picked the TRIKE. Here is my cycles render and blender internal.

Nice concept for a vehivle. A couple of items need work though. Like, the lighting. And the materials look like they are wrong or something. The top version looks like it has the wrong kinda shine. Your tire is coming through the fender. The reflection on the rim also needs work, there is too much of it. Did you use prcedural textures or is it UV mapped? what did you use for lighting? Also, the edges on the front grill seem a little too sharp. As for the mirrors, they are way too small to be believeable. They look way out of scale as far as how huge the base is compared to the actual size of the mirror. If the mirrors are going to be that small, ya might as well take them off.
Hope this helps. Stick with it and you’ll get it there. Keep up the good work.