conceptual vehicle

I am working on building up my skills and portfolio. So as a self-assigned assignment I decided to bring one of Feng Shu’s student works to life, which can be found on his blog - This is my start and reference.

I think you made the grill too wide. in the illustration, it’s more like a stripe down the center.

good start :smiley:

there also needs to be a space between the tyres and the grill/hood to fit the necessary lights, control arms and steering mechanisms.

Good start indeed, it all looks good, nice rim material but the proportions aren’t that right.
For example the grill and the space between the rims and hood. (like said above)
Also the front should be more curvy.
I cant find for the finished model :wink:

Right now I am just roughing out the basic forms then I’ll tweak them. I need that base level to refine. What I’m also trying to do is also apply a basic level of texture as I go through the modeling process. I keep going back and forth with a slight bump on the triangular lights. Below is an update this time the lights have the bump.

here is a different view from the side

Before moving onto the back half I wanted to get the front half reworked. Below are the pics. Now onto the harder part. Time to improvise.

Need more length. (I think)

Did some detail work before things with the back half get in the way.

nice work
keep up

Coming down to the home stretch. I requested some additional angles, if the were available. Here is an updated pic. Just the windshield and some little details to go, unless I get the requested pics. When I’m done it will be time to convert the materials for Cycles rendering.

That’s some serious progress… nice work.

Here is the final version before converting the materials for cycles rendering. I’m going to be doing a couple different test renders before the convert.

Last render before conversion

Final version, while the Cycles render is slightly grainy its done.