Conceptual Weapon

This is a low Poly Model of a Conceptual Weapon I created.
The main idea was taken from the G-36c, but no part was actually overtaken.

The Weapon measures 76cm (on Paper) and thus is 3cm longer than the G-36c.
In Blender I did somehow mess with the values and the gun has a lenght of only 72cm. As a shorter Weapon than the “original” was my wish anyways, I didn’t even bother to look for the mistake (that could as well be a simple rounding error in a calculation.)

The weapon has around 4500 Polygons and so far I have textured nothing but the Trigger and the mag.
The Trigger uses
a Color map for (well) Color, and Specular Color.
A Specular map is used for Specular and Reflection.
A Bump map is used as a Bump map.

All are 1024x1024pixels of size

The mag does only use one map as Specular, Specular Color, Bump, Reflection, and Raytrace Reflection that is 512x512pixels of size.

As Textures have been my biggest Problem in the past, I would especially like critique and hints on that.
Textures were done with Gimp.

Here’s a concept sketch of the weapon.
Sorry for the bad quality, but the drawing was really small.


not bad the modeling looks great.Let me tell you a hint.Textures cannot look good alone…lighting is as important as texturing.So if i were you i would fix my lighting setup then focus on texturing.Good luck!:wink:


but actually this is simply an hdri map (for reflection and refraction of the mag) lighting the scene. I thought it might be quite apropriate, as it is real world light.

The Background is white because I’ve cut it out, just if you thought it’d be overbright…

But still I won’t deny that crit, how do you think I could light it better?
Or should I simply change the background color (because I think that might be what you wanted to criticise)

forgive me if I’m wrong


So well, here’s the final result.
Light is still a simple HDRI Environment, and thus the light differs in the two renders (I turned round the camera rather than the gun). I’m sorry for that, but I quite like the idea of having the same object shown in different lighting situations.

Tell me what you think, I’m personally not really satisfied with the main part.