Concering constraints.

It’s been a while since last I posted here. Regardless, I was hoping I could ask a question or two (I did use search but I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for). I’ve had a bit of experience with Autodesk Inventor in the past year, primarily because of a course I took at university.

Now, I prefer Blender but I am missing a couple of things from Inventor. Is there any way to actually constrain objects/joints/et cetera in Blender? It seems to me that would make animation easier?

Also, are there any other units of measure available in blender or do we simply have blender units? Any plugins to add some?

If I am being embarrassingly oblivious, I’m sorry. I haven’t been around the Blender scene very long and I don’t think I quite made it to rigging proper when I last made an effort to learn Blender.


The latest Blender release 2.57b has both Object Constraints and Units settings. Check it out.

Ah, thanks for the reply. I’ve been meaning to ask someone, is it worth hanging on to Autodesk Inventor? I haven’t really used it since I completed the course I needed it for, and now all it’s doing is taking up space. I can potentially see myself using it, I guess, to model something that’s easier in Inventor as opposed to Blender and then exporting, but not much beyond that. Opinions?