Concerning a renderer

I may be mistaken but I recall hearing about a renderer that give your mesh the look of being painted or pencil drawn or the like. I was wondering if anyone recognizes what I am talking about or knows one in general compatible with blender.

Use search on terms you have chosen… search for NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering)… ;>)
Now that I have gotten that out of the way. Go to, look for a build of Blender that includes the Freestyle branch that will work with your platform, install and try it out. There is a monster thread on this forum, (HERE) with plenty of examples and discussion, but it takes some “wading through” to find directions. Check out the links to info provided to get results. It is still a “work in process” but is useful as is, and will eventually be folded into the main trunk.

you might mean freestyle?

Note that theres a project working in a separate svn/code branch on integrating it into blender itself.
here’s the discussion thread:

edit: meh, too late. :slight_smile: