Concerning material nodes: UV mapping

Hi guys,

Anyway I’m trying to render a pizza, I got the tomato sauce looking nice using material nodes but I have a problem: I don’t know how to set the mapping projection to UV, an so it’s projecting all squashed up along the edges. Is there a way to fix this using nodes? I thought about using texture nodes, but it won’t let me add those.

Not sure personally but under input Nodes theres a Geometry Node and that has a UV output. In Cycles there is a texture coordinate node.

you need 2 nodes :
1-Attribute (Use for selecting uv layer and transmitting the value via vector output)
2-Mapping (use for scaling,rotation etc of texture)

@dukejib, thank you for your reply, but I don’t see Attribute as an option for a node I can add. I’m using BI, so if that’s a Cycles thing then I’ll need another solution.

Sorry, I thought you were asking about cycles.
For BI, check the attached file

@dukejib, thanks, I knew that but I’m looking for how to do it in material nodes.

Hmm. check this out.

@dukejib, thanks! That’s exactly what I needed.

So basically what I said.