Concert Hall

Hello, there! :smiley: Here is the official BA WIP (too much capslock!) thread for my latest project: A Concert Hall! (big surprise!) This is kind of coming to you in the middle of an ongoing WIP hosted on my blog. I was mainly inspired to do a concert hall when me and my family went to watch a Chinese ballet that went touring through the States, where I’m currently located. This happened over a year (or maybe even two years) ago and I felt too intimidated by the task, which I still am. However, I decided to face my fears, as what scares you helps you grow. I decided not to start off with a sketch because it just plain bored me going into architectural terms and what not; so for this project I decided to focus primarily on the artistic form and ratios rather than precise measurements and design. I came into Blender with just a mood board of references for how I want it to feel; unfortunately I don’t know if the stuff is copywritten so I won’t risk putting it up!

Enough blabbering; here is a screenshot of my work so far, about 4 or 5 days total (2+ hours a day).
Here are some more screenshots; you can see previous updates as well.

My goal is to get it ready for materials by this weekend so I can livestream the process. Also, be sure to follow the blog if you’re really interested in the project, as I may post updates on there before here.

Cheers! :smiley:

Looks to be a cool project… I’ve always been intriqued by concert halls, the lighting, the cool things you see backstage if your seated at the right angles. You look to have a good start so far, I’ll look forward to watching your progress.

Thanks harleynut97! :smiley: I’m here with the 4th update for the concert hall; this time there was more lining up stuff and cleaning up meshes and whatnot. Feel free to comment with critiques, advice, or questions. Enjoy! :smiley:

P.S. Follow the blog for notifications on future updates!
Blog link that includes more shots:

Hello everyone, it’s me once again! Here is the 5th update if you’ve been following the blog posts, 2nd if you’ve been reading here, on the Concert Hall. This time it was all about lights, lights, lights. I decided to model them as opposed to downloading some models, as to keep my skills sharp. :wink:
Comment with questions or critiques! :slight_smile:

Blog link (more info+shots): or


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t updated this thread in a few days. It’s going to be a little while before I update this thread due to hardware issues, but, I will be posting more (blender related) stuff on my blog.

Here’s a blog post explaining more: