concratulations dotblend :)

(basse) #1

heh. I just bought new “3D world” magazine, and saw your ring renderings there! :slight_smile:



(BgDM) #2

Hey, wow! That’s great. I will go see if I can get that mag.

BTW basse, it’s congratulations. Just a minor typo.


(Schlops) #3

Congrats dotblend!

w00t w00t w00t!

(sten) #4

hey that’s cool =)

what did they say ??? something about Blender ??

(emtilt) #5

Yeah I saw this a few days ago. I mentioned it in #blenderchat. Nice rendering.

ztonzy: They didn’t say anything except a little paragraph that dotblend submitted about himself, and that it was created in Blender and Virtualight.

On an almost related note, I wrote a letter to the magazine asking why it paid nearly zero attention to 3d freeware, and they said that they may do a special edition on freeware within the year.