Concrete Babylon - Webseries

Concrete Babylon is an animated feature film I’ve been working on for a few years. It’s animated with cutout animation done in Blender and rendered through the internal renderer. The textures are painted in Gimp and Mypaint.

I’ve decided to, while it’s still in production, begin releasing it as a webseries with a new minute episode being released about twice a week.

If you’re interested in following Concrete Babylon the social media links are easiest found on or if you want to see all the episodes earlier, or in supporting the production, you can do so at:

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Episode 1 of the Concrete Babylon series.

Episode 2 of the Concrete Babylon series. Next episode will be released on Friday.

Love the artstyle. It looks colorful with a slight hue on colors. However, this is where things gets weird. Both episode 1 and 2 can be actual condensed as one and considered to be Episode 1. Separately, they are just clips. If you have all the parts rendered out already, what I would suggest to you is to wait for all the parts to come together and then post it on line. At this rate, I’m not sure if you are going to keep the viewer invested in the video or the series to only 60 seconds for every episode.

Best of luck.