Concrete Castel

Hera are several shots from a personal project inspired by Ricardo Bofill, it consists of the re conversion of an old cement factory. Though the purpose was not to reproduce Ricardo Bofill’s project, I just liked the idea and wanted to make something more personal.

Modeled with Blender
Rendered with Octane Standalone 3.06 test 3
Postpro with Affinity Photo

Some additional information :
Grass made with the Blender Guru Grass Essential
For the climbing plants, I used grease pencil to be able to draw over several objects (not possible with ivy generator), I tried with the new curve feature but crease pencil gave me better control. After that I converted the grease pencil to curve and then to mesh and added a particle system over it.



I saw this on BlenderNation and I think this should get an immediate 5 stars. this is awesome!

Your environments keep getting bigger and bolder, you have a seriously high amount of VRAM in your GPU to render something like this.

Good work as usual, your exterior work is definitely among the best in the history of BA (in fact, the mods should allow you to start threads in the Gallery section itself).

Epic scenes. I wish i could do scenes like these. Five stars!

Stunning stuff, very atmospheric.

This deserve “Excellent”

Thanks everyone for your feedback,

Due to the fact that two of my 4 GPUs only have 3Gb the scene had to fit into 3Gb, I activated the “Out of core” option in Octane Render to use the PC memory for exceeding texture memory. So 3Gb could be enough if you make a good use of instances :wink:

One of the things that makes me happy about entering on BA is when I go to finished projects and one project is your enrico, congratulations, amazing as allways!

The atmosphere looks absolutely fantastic! You should sell that shit, it’s worthy of Turbosquid’s homepage!

Great work as always. Just in case, why did you used always DL+AO+EnvLIGHT? Not PPT? Of course, DL+AO is timesaver, but PPT is add realism 'cause its aimed to calculate all light.

Thanks guys,

I used PT and the scene is lit with HDR :wink:

Oh, really?! :DI remember you used DL+AO on your previous exterior projects. Thats why I said that.

very stunning and amazing. That’s totally awesome!!!

Wow ! I would love to live there !
This deffinetly deserves to be in gallery at the top .

Looks great, would love to live there.

This is truly stunning, the amount of detail is amazing. May I ask how long does it take you to complete a project like this one?

Mind if I ask what you mean by DL (direct light?) and PPT? :o