Concrete Edison Table Lamp (Free 3d Model)

I have designed a concrete Edison table lamp and very proud to share the 3d model with you. As a design idea, using concrete is a good starting point. Because with a simple cardboard mold, you can easily produce the concrete part of the table lamp. In my opinion, combination of plastic and glass with concrete looks so good. When I say glass, i meant Edison Lamps. Anyway, Edison lamps are decorative on their own without needing anything.

I choosed a dark grey missile cover switch as a switch. It looked good i think and i also put a light power control dimmer with indicating yellow illuminated display. It also looked nice.

And what’s your opinion about my concrete Edison table lamp design.

Feel comfortable with using my 3d table lamp model in your personel projects even it’s commercially.

I will be so encouraged to share new 3d models if you remember to mention about my free 3d model depot on your social media.

Free download on :

Free download on blendepot website.

Wireframe Render

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If you end up making a real world version - I would recommend this place to find parts:

I made a few Pipe lamps with edison bulbs and some of the cool old fashioned cloth cords.

Thanks cadaei for your advise. I wish i would create this design. Its a matter of time. I wonder how it will look at the end.