Concrete Garden

A quick project I’ve been working on…

Visit my Flickr page here to see the full sized render.

Modeled in Blender 2.49, Rendered in Indigo 2.2, Photoshop post-production. Tree models from Evermotion.

It’s realistic, which is (I assume) what you’re going for. That aspect looks good. But I’m not sure about the direction of the light. It leaves most of the scene in shadow, where you have to strain to see it. Could just be this monitor, but I would try lighting it from the front/side rather than the back.

Thanks for the reply.

Realism was one of my primary goals with this project, and I see what you mean with the light. I tried many different sun positions, but I liked this one the most because of the shadows it created. I have a feeling it may be due to your monitor that it is hard to see the details, as I can make everything out easily on my screen…

It is indeed nice. Very nice. But there are some things that bug me…

  1. The light might be dramatic but it’s still not optimal. The main focal point (the three) deserves some more light (or more play of light and shadows)- and even though the sky in the background almost makes up for it, the details and effect you lose by having the three fully in shadows are not perfectly visible. It just looks imbalanced and lacks the final push to bring this to a new level (the realism is there, just the final kick isn’t).
  2. The grass, even though quite unimportant, looks rather boring and not very natural. Needs more randomization in materials and maybe a bit more saturation.
  3. in full resolution the concrete looks rather rough, usually such plates are rather smooth - very minor thing though.

Just my opinion, though. The tree is really nice, but I guess it was rather expensive…would love to have some nice plant models to play with :smiley:

No way…!

That is the house in Koamicho? I have been modelling it too :slight_smile:

Nice tree and rocks :slight_smile:[img]

Hehe yeah that was what I based the image off of.