Concrete Material ( a gift )

Hey guys, I made this from my own photo, and I thought it turned out pretty well, so I threw it up for download. Feel free to offer me some feedback.

Here’s a better render, sorry about the first one. It was just a material giveaway, but since it got put in WIP…


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one note
can you add the object info random so that when you use instance it
does not repeat the pattern

nice mat
thanks for sharing

happy bl

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I did not know about that. Thanks for mentioning, RB.
I did try to minimize the tiling in the diffuse texture.

something like this seems to work

happy bl


For Eevee you should add the lightprobe to gice a better render

to give more flexibility you can add some color ramp on input field
and change the color with a mix color node
will see how to add in bl 3.1 the microdisplacement effect

will come back later with a more advance set up
sorry still learning the bl 3.1 new features

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Yeah, I sort of knew about that, but for the most part I am in the dark about eevee. First thing I do when I open blender is to switch to cycles and crank down the max samples a little.
That and move the lamp to the other side of the cube haha.

If after you crank down the samples and move the lamp, you go to the file menu > defaults > save as startup file, the samples and lamp will automatically be where you want them in the future with new files :slight_smile:

I actually make multiple ‘start’ files, but I usually just open Blender, and go straight for the Y axis slider out of habit. The main one use other than the default has the camera facing straight forward at eye level and an HDRI loaded.

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here is a ore advance set up
with color ramp on inputs files
a mix color shader to change concrete color

and for cycles only added microdisplacement
which gives strong but adjustable at any zoom level or camera distance

file is here

i could not include the HDRI mop
file was more then 5 MB
so find one and add it in world nodes set up

haver fun
happy bl

here is nodes set up modified

you could also add a roughness or specular map

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Weird, I thought I already had a roughness in there. My bad.

what are you smoking LOL ?

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can you upload the new map or give link so we can add it

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Yes, I will do that now…one moment. I’ll just edit it into this response, so check back in a few…

is this the roughness map ?

it looks more like a displacement map

see this site on PBR

PBR Maps - Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Displacement - Prospero Coder

roughness map looks a lot more greyish pale

have fun with PBR

happy bl

Try inverting it.

Hi there,

Great work, thanks for sharing. Make sure to check Materialize (if you don’t know it yet). It is a really good free tool to create all kinda PBR maps from photos :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s what I used to make the tex. It’s why the roughness map is inverted, because it puts out a ‘smoothness’ map instead which is the reverse of a roughness map apparently. Great app. I have used other programs previously and I tend to prefer this one.

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see CGcookie intro on PBR maps
very interesting

How to use PBR Textures in Blender |

there are also tut videos from Jayanma short and nicely done

happy bl

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