Concrete Shelter

hey all, heres something i threw together today. i decided i should explore the internal renderer and see what kind of results i can get with it before falling back on external renderers for beautiful fancy simulations :slight_smile:

i originally imagined it as some sort of underground entrance, maybe to the sewers and substructure of some huge city but it comes off as a hangar of sorts. turned into a futuristic kind of piece. not compleeeetely finished the way i imagined it but i think i can consider this as presentable as a finished piece.
pure blender, except for the text and border. textures are all procedural

have at it. comments/critiques welcome

I like it, very good piece, the texturing and the lighting is all well done.

Nice, very open feel to it.

Gorgeous curves! Nice atmos!

BTW Care to share any data on that concrete texture?

Love the subtle grass growing through the cracks!

Great lighting and overall feeling to the image.

Structurally, it really won’t work. But that isn’t an issue here.


lovely work, I really do like images like this.

There is one little thing that is letting it down a bit, and that is the curved pillars on the left hand side. they are lacking a little edge definition. Fix that and you’re onto a winner.

CyborgDragon, frodo2975, Cuby: thanks guys!

pikseli: im especially proud of the concrete, which for once actually somewhat resembles concrete. the trick is really just noise noise noise, big noise, small noise, hard noise, soft noise, blended together with subtle color variations. theres noise for the little cracks, noise for the big patches, and noise for everything in between. crazy huh?

BgDM: thanks! im actually curious as to the structural stability of something like this. i think it could work. maybe if the curve of the columns on the left was minimized a little, but even then, concrete structures can cantilever out quite far, especially if theyre prestressed. for example, take a look at Gaudis architecture and the forms he gets. anyways, good thing i dont have to worry about that :slight_smile:

good architecture, what lights did u use?

Great atmosphere, and the composition with the curved side and straight side works really well.

Reminds me slightly of Final Fantasy X, when you go to that stadium/docks thing. You know the circular one? Anyone know what I mean?

Ah well, that doesn’t matter; great render :slight_smile:

[email protected], Naive Amoeba: thanks for the nice comments! i admire your stuff too, definitely some topnotch stuff.

tom*p: thanks! theres just a sun and a couple area lights in there, and some additive AO.

as opposed to my usual Indigo renderings which take on average about a day to render, this one took roughly 2.5 hours at 2000x1000 resolution, and is perfectly smooth. a little stage magic can go a long way. crazy, no?

I thought I saw texture repetition in the identical curved wall sections on the left but I may just be dizzy from how good the image is :slight_smile:

It reminds me of the tunnels in Aeon Flux movie.

Great ambiant and good light design.

StompingTom - Yeah, concrete is funny how its really just grey matte grain, but to get that exact effect - whew it always takes hours of tweaking. I have a concrete/asphalt texture thread here if you care to share your secrets in depth :cool:

Really an Awesome piece.

Really good texture and lights, and the visual is great

Wow! This is really great. You made the internal renderer look like an external one. Great overall job.

I think the structure is sound, if the concrete is reinforced with steel beams inside it.

Very nice. Sense of perspective. Timeless feeeling. Great lighting. Notice the bounce lighting in the ceiling beams.

Only a minor flaw. Sun Light shadows on the floor should be a bit blurred.

Great work!

I agree with BgDM on this one: structually it won’t work. If the round curved slabs connected straight into the bits supporting the ceiling, then it would hold better.

However, the materials and lighting are wonderful. By the way, is that grass I see in the cracks?


with reinforced concrete, the structure could work if the curved columns where tensioned with angled rebar/tensioned cables inside the columns and rebar connecting the columns to the beams, which is how usually different concrete forms are connected if theyre cast separately. ive seen such stuff done in the real world, though maybe not this exact way.
doesnt really matter though, but its interesting to think about how to make a conceptual structure work in the real world. also, im no civil engineer so for all i know, i could be totally wrong :slight_smile:

yep, i used blenders particle system for the grass in the recesses.

thank you all for your comments/critiques!