concrete structure
Nothing else to say

Defiantly one of the best pieces that i’ve seen come from you, very nice lighting as well… the only crit I can say is work on the texture’s a lil more, or should I say texture… i only see one really. OH, and just a suggestion, not a crit really… but maybe put some clouds or somethin in the sky.

nice progress kansas,i like the composition,but there are some edges on top of the pic that are bothering me,smoth these out.

really nice lighting, and the materials aren’t too bad… they DO look like concrete. just the square texture bumps/cracks are not so nice.

Is that a waterfall in the back there?

Ok, I’m just going to say what I said aloud when I saw this and triple checked that it was from you.

…WHOA :o …

Those were supposed to be basically concrete painted in a reflective coating(so it’s like a mirror)

Nice :slight_smile:

Wow. Did you give up on your exclusive use of procedurals? It looks very nice. :slight_smile:

nice lighting :slight_smile: for your next image you HAVE to show us some organic modeling :wink:


Otherwise, pretty nice. :slight_smile:

well… the image does not give me much to talk about. the lightning is good. the blue background is… not very appropriate.

Definitely the best I’ve seen from you. Looks somewhat realistic. I don’t understand why you don’t bevel.

Finally a prioperly lit piece from you. Glad you are finally listening to what we all say.

The texture is way too repetetive and shows that it is not scaled properly. But that is all that I can see wrong with it.


So, how about a sky texture then?

It would look better if the structures near the top of the image were lit differently, at the moment the lighting is very uniform on them and there’s almost no contrast. It takes away from an image which is otherwise very good.

Hi, Kansas, here a daylight minitutorial: