Confederation flag

HI everyone! i’m italian, mayabe i don’t know much about these facts i’m gonna ask about! i have a work in progress in this forum in which i’m modeling a '69 dodge charger general lee. now the car, like many of you probably know, has a confederate flag on the top. i’m asking myself, are there any kind of problems in posting a rendering where the confederate flag is displayed? will it offend anyone? is this question ten thousand times more stupid than i thought? ahahah thanks a lot in advance!

It shouldn’t since it isn’t posted for the political position but for the accuracy of the markings on the vehicle from the television series. Similar to other symbols posted in context of the model and scene, and not just presented with the attachment to a political/religious discussion.

I’d say go for it.

thank you very much man! awesome support!

That flag is always going to offend someone, whether it’s for a legitimate reason or not. The context of that particular flag, however, is a symbol of pride associated with the South and was never meant to be a symbol against any group of people. I agree with Mr. Jones – go for it.