Conference 2008 Photos

My conference photo gallery can be found here:

login: suzanne
password: award


Nice Pictures. Thanks for this.

That’s great, looks like I’ve been able to avoid most cameras this year :wink:


indeed, very nice pictures!
@roy: i had to leave at 16:30 to catch my train, so i missed the round up in the evening. which is a shame because the Deutsche Band managed to screw up completely (surprise surprise) so i missed two trains and got home with 3 hours delay. so i could as well have stayed in de waag til the end. at least it has been recorded (hopefully). i hope you both had a nice last day at amsterdam!

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Nice clean images too. Mind sharing what camera/lens you were using?


It’s a PENTAX K10D camera body with smc PENTAX-DA* 16-50mm f/2.8 ED AL[IF]SDM lens.

Ah, nice. F/2.8. Wish I had one of them. Best I have is an Canon 18-55 F/4. Oh well, Santa is coming soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Usagi: you remember the crazy suzanne throbbing animation with animated voronoi texture from many years ago? memories

Too bad I couldn’t make it again, this year, so thanks a bunch for the photos.


@nathan: I do remember. This was really crazy. Do you still have the video? Unfortunately, I lost it.

Cool pics. Thanks for sharing.

What’s with the bullet riddled target? That’s a bit non-Blenderish. Just Ton getting psyched for Durian?

Nice pictures:)

@harkyman: It’s on the wall of the Tower Room in De Waag - just for decoration I guess.

Nice pictures Roy. Is this it?

Did you take any more pictures of the city?

Yes, thats me with the camera. This year I didn’t take more pictures of the city.

I think I lost it as well :° But we could always redo it if we feel like it (not that it’ll have the same glamour though :wink: )