Conference Room [ArchViz]

Hi guys!

This is a conference room that was modelled by me, and has been rendered in Yafaray and Blender 2.68. This is my first Archviz project to be done entirely by me, and so after 1 year of Blendering, I finally enter the folds of ArchViz :3

Postpro done in Blender and GIMP.

Enjoy! And C&C is welcome and highly appreciated as it will help me and others to become better artists! :smiley:

Personally, I would have liked to add more details. I couldn’t add the carpets because err, my 16 gigs of RAM crashed whenever I rendered it [don’t ask], and also, umm…Yafaray isn’t quite friendly with particles. But I’ll try, I promise I will. Perhaps I should cross render in Cycles and composite it over? I don’t know lol.

Oh and as an afterthought, all ArchViz guys, please join this group. I’m sure we can help each other quite frequently.

Thanks, that’s all, hope you like it, wires on demand [lol].

-swaschan :RocknRoll:

The concept of it reminds me of Borderlands. Especially the “Badass Corporation” part. I would recommend that you make the table a little long because it looks a little small to me. Maybe put some folders or papers on the table as well to look like there was a meeting or some business thing there.

Will look into it, thanks for your input!

Hmm, any tips on how to add the carpet? I may just add some papers, but I’m willing to call this project as done…