Conference Room / Screening Room

A client of Render Reality requested images for a room that would be used as a conference room but could also double as a screening room. He sent drawings on Friday and asked for final images by Tuesday. I delivered these images today, a day early. They are not perfect but I think Render Reality came through for him and will allow him to show his potential client what he would like to build.

It was a lot of work and I see some small issues. But overall, I think it looks OK. RR modelled all contents except the phone.

I have some other views as well but thought these were a good summary. I also produced a quick time movie file. Just FYI, RR is essentially two people right now although the company is owned by one of the two. Any thoughts on the images would be interesting.

very nice ineed, tohugh i have to say i dont think the veiw outa the window suits the stlye of office, would have thought a cityscape would fit the bill a bit better.

Point noted. I also would have liked to add some light coming through the window casting shadows. But due to the short time allotted, I didn’t have time to address that desire. The chairs could have used a bit more work but were decent.

Customer asked to see a credenza at the back of the room and wanted the walls grey.

Maybe dull the arms of the chairs a little , they dont look quite right