Conference room

Looking to make this as photorealistic as possible. If you have never seen this image before, I would really appreciate to hear what I could do to make it look more real.

The light is almost there.
Are you using filmic? That table is kind of hot.

I think textures should be your focus now to get more realism.

Maybe try more reflective lighting. The green from the chalk board would be bouncing off the table some and that would make the table look more realistic. the green would be hitting a lot of things. The table would have a bit of peach from the chairs reflecting off of it too. A slight bit too much light hitting the back of the chairs on the conference table. The upper part of the door has a anti-slam thing that needs a bit of a shadow. Also slightly stronger shadows coming off the chair legs(the shadows hitting the carpet) . I am wondering if your using a bit of atmosphere and that is what is making the chair legs a bit too fuzzy ? just a slight less atmosphere…? In a photo they would not be that fuzzed out.

this scene looks familiar!

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If it helps, this is a reference photo used to help make the scene more realistic. Looking forward to more comments.

I can see subtle textures in the photographic one like the chalkboard marks. Maybe your image needs more imperfections added into it. The tabletop texture could be more subtle and look like a particular type of wood. Great image by the way. Looking forward to seeing updates.