Conferences 2004/2005

Hello All

Well as I have seen all the conferences being put together I thought it would be nice to start a thread on where we all can arrange for conferences?

Ok I am new to blender, but just about have version 2.34 understood and ready to begin tutorials with it. After I get my RHPS (Rocky Horror Picture Show) walk-through started though. Blender is my only tool for this project, except for photoshop cs for post work off course. But I can set something up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have lived here for 18 years and have a few connections! If anyone wants to suggest a more conventent place like L.A. or S.F or something, lets see what can be put together.

This is off course unless their is already an annual conference for Blender in the States?


Not that I know of. If anything quite large comes to SF I might be persuaded, but LA or Las Vegas is too far out of my way. I’m gonna be swamped come August.

for you in western USA why not go to Siggraph between 8th - 12th of august… it is held in LA:

check more here: